Tuesday, March 10, 2009


refering to the title of this entry.my cinta hati bought dvd 4 this cerita (refer to gambar) a few days back.(i know this cerita baru di tayangan Malaysia so paham2 jela ye).i watch it alone on the laptop in my room sebab konon2 ade la the cinema feeling..gelap2 gitu..huhuhuhu..the storyline was nice n some how touch my heart.i cried again over a movie..seperti biase la.even I-robot pon i leh nangis beria2..even my lemak banyak i still can be cengeng when it comes to nice movie.another good movie is pursuit of happyness.everyone patut see this movie.its about live and hope.its a very motivated movie bagi yang kerja susah payah macam saya and lakonan by Will Smith pon..hehehehe.oklah 4 now.back to work anum.

**tak sabar nak tengok 7 pounds pula.

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