Tuesday, August 7, 2012


2011 is over.it is already august 2012.huhuhu

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

end of august.

its merdeka day and public holiday.enjoyyyyy

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

its 2010!!..mid year dah pun.

lalalala...this is my 1st entry for this 2010..hehehe..funny feeling sbb i was really eager to have a blog last year.everyday pon mcm nk post 2-3 entries..but now.its already mid year and here goes my 1st entry..haha..there's been a lot of things going on this past months...sgt2 byk.most remembered was my dearest AD past away...sakit of course.bukan didera ye.around same period of time my nenek sakit kuat, my sayang went to laut biru for works (quite lama this time.), my ayah accidentally had an accident but syukur he not badly injured, then come my exam weeks for my 2nd sem, my emotions were going up and down...other than that, byk lg tp i mls nak type it down.so far being in year 2010 i havent changed much kecuali my berat yg increase rapidly.hehehehe.but come on im on my diet now.puasa ganti plus small portion on nasi intake and some weekend workout at the tasik shah alam..hehe.hopefully dptlah turunkan a few kg before my sayang balik dari laut and for raya.i wanna look good this raya..not that i want to have bj kebaya.i am more prefer to have a nice simple baju kurung for this raya.but i still havent choose the color yet.nvm.dh nk raya nanti br lah pilih..now, i need to focus on the new sem yang will be start on 5th of July.which is just 2 weeks je lagi from now.huhuhu.mls rasenye nk go back to school bile memikirkan i used to have early sleep every night for this past school holidays...hehehehe.ok la.get to work back.happy day people.
**mcm la orng bc my entry.hehehehe.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009


not sure whether can called in as a freedom or not but i have finished all my exams for my 1st sem in degree today.yay..keseronokan terasa but im not really enjoying the fact that my exams dh abis sebab still got 1 more coursework need to be submit next week.huhuhuhu.to en.raden, thanks sebab bg submit lmbt because it will help me a lot nk dptkan marks 4 his subject;measurement of construction works III.ending with law n contract paper this morning.i hope that i will pass dengan jayanya or at least tanpa perlu repeat any of the subject next coming sem.i know that my preparation is lack atas sebab2 yg berbagai but i have tried my very best.so now cume tinggal bertawakal.pre registration pon dah start 4 the next sem.so i better do it while i am aware of it.t dh x sedar.tau tau je dh dateline.haru je.hihi.n need to remind myself to start simpan money 4 the school fees.huhuhuhu..

*i miss u badly sayang.lambatnya raya haji....

Monday, November 2, 2009