Thursday, March 26, 2009

another farewell

tomorrow will be nasa and rizal last day at AAJ.good luck and all the nasa thanks 4 the beriani from Syed+Hakim fried chicken(HFC)+pudding cocktail by Aizan+brownies by me+choc cake by trainee+air syrup rose+cocon pudding by kak ina and dominos pizza by kak ina again.kak ina selalu belanja all kind of fast food because fast food nih is forbidden to enter her house by en.seman her ape lagi revenge kat opis la..kami lah yang untung.anyway thanks to kak ina for the pizzas.i loves dominos pizza because they have the thin crust.sedap sedap.this time kami mendonate la a few bucks for souvenier nak bagi both of them and not to forget mael too.punyala susah nak cari interesting present for these three lelaki.form some sort of digital desk watch to picture frame with watch to mug with muscle to cute cd separator and lastly before bayar my cintahati ternampak a set of glass chess and i pon tertarik sebab nampak mewah and cantek gitu.mael juga dijemput tadi untuk makan makan.also joining en.ipin in the beginning of the majlis and also the encik datok.i got compliment yang my brownies sedap..leh wat jual ni..hehehe..malas nak cerita lagi so marilah see some pictures and video from makan makan tadi.enjoy..

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