Friday, November 13, 2009


not sure whether can called in as a freedom or not but i have finished all my exams for my 1st sem in degree today.yay..keseronokan terasa but im not really enjoying the fact that my exams dh abis sebab still got 1 more coursework need to be submit next en.raden, thanks sebab bg submit lmbt because it will help me a lot nk dptkan marks 4 his subject;measurement of construction works III.ending with law n contract paper this morning.i hope that i will pass dengan jayanya or at least tanpa perlu repeat any of the subject next coming sem.i know that my preparation is lack atas sebab2 yg berbagai but i have tried my very now cume tinggal bertawakal.pre registration pon dah start 4 the next i better do it while i am aware of it.t dh x sedar.tau tau je dh dateline.haru je.hihi.n need to remind myself to start simpan money 4 the school fees.huhuhuhu..

*i miss u badly sayang.lambatnya raya haji....

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