Wednesday, October 28, 2009


yes.exam finally tiba.x sangka dh abiskan 1 sem but 5 more to go.anyway alhamdulillah.almost 2 years dah xde this kind of feeling.kecut perot sebab nk exam.i had my demam already.demam exam mcm masa di college juga.but college exam and ipta exam is sgt berbeza.perasaan takut and cemas bercampur2 dan tambah sometimes pening dengan works and life.huhu.i know instead of writing here i should do my reading n calculating for tomorrow's paper but dh lama dh x post kat sini so this is like the 1st and last entry 4 this month.anyway,stop disini dulu and good luck to me and all uitmians yang got exam kali nih.All the best people.

*a little pray 4 myself.hopefully i'll do well in my exam.jgn gopoh2 and read the questions properly anum.amin.